Intro to Molecular Biology - Genotyping

At the grand opening there was a lot of interest in introductory classes. Ask and you shall receive.

In this class you will genotype yourself for mutations in the gene TAS2R38 which codes for a bitter-tasting receptor. You will see if your ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide matches up with your genotype. The class is composed of both lecture and hands-on lab work. Students will get experience with the following lab techniques:
- Pipetting
- DNA extraction
- Restriction digestion
- Pouring and loading gels
- Gel electrophoresis
If this sounds fun then sign up for the class.

More details:
Limit: 10 people
Cost: $100
Length: approx. 6 hours

Right now I'm limiting it to 10 people but we will be doing this class again shortly. I hope to run this class monthly or bimonthly depending on the demand and the feedback I get.

Also, I should mention that this class is experimental. The lecture content, experimental methods, length, cost, etc are all potentially variable. So please please please give me feedback so I can make it better in the future.

Also, our Paypal address is If you're paying by Paypal, please pay ahead of time so I can buy all the materials for the class. You can use the link on the bottom of thispage if you want or just send the money to our email address. We can also except cash and checks made out to "Los Angeles Biohackers" the day of the event.

***Please Note this is Mother's Day so if you already have plans then you're out of luck until next time. And don't forget to call your mom :)

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